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FDF Dolls Website We launched our sales site fall 2017. It is a work in progress with some sections still under construction, but we ARE open for business and welcome new and returning customers! Your FeedbackFDF Dolls wants to hear from you. Email us with suggestions for improving this website. Strut Your Stuff Made something for your dolls that you're proud of? Email us pictures with a brief description and we'll post it on our upcoming Customer Fun Page or include it in a future newsletter! Coming Soon
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Who We Are...

We’re Marsha and Donna, sisters and one-sixth-scale (12") fashion doll enthusiasts/collectors. We've been having fun with fashion dolls for several years and are now offering some of our creations/finds for others to enjoy! Visit our FDF Dolls newsletter page and browse past issues to find out more. We enjoy sharing ideas and pictures of everything related to fashion dolls. Check out the unique doll finds we've posted on our FDF Dolls Pinterest boards.

Contact Us...

If you have questions, please check our FAQs page here or email us if you don’t find the answers you're looking for. We enjoy hearing from those who love dolls and like to play! We plan to add enhancements to our website to include a gallery of customer and doll enthusiast pictures, grouped in themed albums. We also plan to offer fun 'tag challenges' to encourage creative doll endeavors and photography. Watch for it coming soon! If you'd like to show your doll pictures on our website gallery, please email us and include your pictures as attachments. We'll review all submissions before posting to ensure pictures are appropriately formatted and content is suitable for general viewership. If you want your content removed from our site, drop us a line and let us know. Our email address is...

What We Sell...

We have several different marketing channels, and the domain names listed below will all lead here:


We have a large inventory of new (boxed) and pre-owned dolls, action figures, clothing, and accessories in many brands and types, including one-of-a-kind customized items and creations handcrafted from original designs. Our goal is to offer quality items at reasonable prices to serve your fashion doll and action figure needs. Occasionally we offer items on Ebay and crafting outlets like Etsy and Ravelry, but encourage our valued friends and customers to purchase directly through our website to help keep our costs down so we can integrate the savings in our standard pricing. We offer bundled items and grouped collections to make shopping choices easy, with accessory items automatically discounted 5% off the standalone price when purchased as bundled.

We're continually adding more items for sale, so check our website often or subcribe to our email newsletter to be notified of new additions. CLICK HERE to subscribe. Our infrequent (no more than monthly) newsletters are short, sweet, and easy to unsubscribe at any time.

Our Privacy Policy...

We respect your privacy and retain your name, address, and email information only to conduct business to complete current transactions with you. We will not contact you except to provide necessary support to complete transactions initiated by you. We will not use your information for any purpose except to conduct transactions with you and will not share your information with anyone else. Additionally, we use Paypal to handle all sales transactions securely without ever seeing or storing your credit card information. You do not need a Paypal account to use your credit card at our site.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we will email you no more frequently than monthly to inform you of new and sale items, as well as other pertinent news regarding our site. If you indicate you want to be contacted more frequently, we will provide you with sales updates according to your wishes as our schedule allows. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

This is our privacy pledge to you.

Sales Terms...

Currently we only accept orders from and ship to buyers in USA and Canada.

PAYMENT: We accept credit card payments through PAYPAL payment portal. A Paypal account is not required to pay for your order using a credit card. Credit card information is processed by Paypal, and we do not see or collect financial information except to know that a payment has been made through Paypal to confirm and ship your order. The process is secure, as indicated by our website 'https' designation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We pay Paypal a processing fee for each payment received. To help keep down unnecessary extra costs and to avoid additional payment fees, we ask that you pay for your order only when you are finished ordering all items. Any orders with multiple payment transactions will have a payment processing fee (3% of payment total plus $0.30) added for each separate payment after the first. These fees will be calculated and added to the final shipping cost for multiple orders shipped together.

SHIPPING: We use United States Postal Service as our carrier. All shipments by Priority mail include delivery tracking/confirmation service, plus shipping damage insurance up to $50.00 per value of items shipped. First Class shipping does not include damage insurance or tracking and therefore is not used.

Shipping rates depend on package size, weight, and destination. Shipping cost includes weight of extra packaging materials for fragile items. We reuse shipping materials when practical.

For shipment of items totaling more than $50.00, additional shipping damage insurance will be added at an extra cost to the shipping total at the time of payment.

We ship to the address provided by Paypal payment processing at time of purchase. If you pay using a Paypal account, please make sure your shipping address is correct in your Paypal account. Packages returned for non-delivery will incur additional shipping charges to ship again. We can only ship to correct addresses recognized by United States Postal Service and may not be able to ship to PO boxes or APO addresses.

ITEM DESCRIPTION/CONDITION: We sell all items in good faith, meaning we represent items for sale to the best of our knowledge at the time of offer. We do our best to accurately describe each item, but we are hobbyist collectors, not experts. If you have questions about an item, email us and allow 24 hours for a response. We will try our best to answer your questions.

Items in unused/unopened condition will be listed as ‘new’ or ‘never removed from box’ even when the items may be several years old from original date of manufacturer issue. We will note significant package defects. It is possible items inside unopened packages may have defects due to age or contact with fabrics or packaging. These defects may not be apparent without opening the package and removing the item, so we cannot be held responsible for defects in unopened boxes of which we are not aware. We are not authorized manufacturer retailers/distributors and cannot honor any warranties or guarantees that may be included or implied with unopened packaged items.

Items restyled, refurbished, customized, or modified in any significant manner from stock factory condition may have structural alterations, surface finish changes, or other non-factory attributes. Unless otherwise noted, such items will be in good usable condition with no obvious flaws we think would detract from the item's desirability or functionality.

We occasionally sell non-sixth-scale items and surplus damaged items for parts to other customizers and will identify known item defects.

REFUNDS: We strive for 100% buyer satisfaction. If you receive something you are not happy with, please contact us as soon as possible after receipt so we can work out an agreeable solution. While we understand there may be special instances where a purchase may require replacement or return and refund, our general approach is to consider all sales final and offer all items ‘as is,’ as described and pictured.

REFUND for 'Not as Described'. In the event you receive non-shipping-damaged items that are not in the condition described at time of sale, or are not the items you ordered, we will ship correct replacements if available or refund original purchase price plus original shipping cost. All not-as-described items must be returned in same condition when sold in order to receive replacement/refund. Please email us for return shipping instructions before returning any items.

REFUND for 'Shipping Damage/Loss'. Refunds for items damaged or lost during shipping must be negotiated with USPS and will be refunded only after a due-diligence investigation. Please keep original packing materials as part of proof of shipping damage. Photos of damaged items and packaging may be required. Please email us if you need assistance negotiating shipping-damage refunds.

REFUND for 'No Damage, No Problem'. In the event you change your mind about an item and want to return it for a refund, we’ll refund your original purchase price but not your original shipping cost or return shipping cost. Purchase-price refunds will be issued only after items to be refunded have been returned to us in the same sellable condition as originally shipped. Please email us for return shipping instructions before returning any items.

Helpful Tips...

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your dolls.

DRESSING YOUR DOLLS: Sometimes dressing fashion dolls can be a challenge, especially if the clothing is tight-fitting or has long sleeves. Some doll collectors keep a variety of tools on hand to aid in dressing dolls, such as a crochet hook or needlenose pliers to handle small pearl/loop fasteners too tiny for most people to manage by hand.

Dressing dolls with non-removable hands. If your doll does not have removable hands, you can wrap a small piece of paper towel or tissue paper over the fingers to prevent them from catching in the sleeve hem or sleeves that are knitted or made of netting. This will help keep delicate sleeve material from getting damaged by fingers that stick out from the doll's hands. When the fingers have cleared the sleeves, the paper can be pulled out and discarded.

Long-sleeve clothing. If you're trying to put a jacket over a long-sleeve blouse, you can tuck the sleeves of the blouse inside the sleeves of the jacket before attempting to slide the doll's arms inside. This will help prevent the sleeves of the blouse from bunching up inside the jacket sleeves. You can use the eraser end of a pencil or a wooden dowel rod to push the blouse sleeves through and straighten them inside the jacket sleeves.

Putting hosiery on dolls with soft vinyl legs. Putting on stockings or pantihose can be especially difficult if your doll has soft vinyl legs instead of hard vinyl. It's best to start at the feet and feed the whole leg part over the foot, then inch up the bunched fabric over the legs a little at a time until the waist is reached. Smoothing the fabric upward as you go will help the fabric stretch and distribute more evenly.

Handling dolls made of very soft vinyl. Soft vinyl dolls like Paradise dolls, GIRL Force dolls, and 'Cyberskin' Phicen action figures may need to be dusted with a powder coating before being stored for long periods. They can be extremely difficult to dress if the clothing is tight-fitting or has long sleeves and legs. Some collectors dust talcum powder or similar fine powder on the doll body to make the clothing slide across the skin surface more easily. However, there may be drawbacks inherent in using powders.

Powder may leave visible residue, especially on dark clothing, and be difficult to remove. While no definitive scientific evidence supports the claim that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, it is possible some people could be allergic to talc and similar powders. Also breathing in large amounts of powder dust may be detrimental to lung health. Always observe safety warnings when using any product, and research possible health concerns before electing to use any powders, chemicals, sprays, etc., of any kind.

DISPLAYING AND STORING YOUR DOLLS: Dolls made of vinyl or resin, and many fabrics, can become discolored or deteriorate with age and/or exposure to ultra-violet light. Avoid exposing your dolls and their clothing to prolonged direct sunlight or lamps that generate UV rays. Exposure to extreme heat or cold can also be detrimental to dolls and accessories. If you plan to leave your unboxed dolls on display for long periods of time, try to keep them in areas offering appropriate lighting and evenly controlled temperature and humidity. Dust your dolls periodically using a clean soft brush or dust-free cloth, or keep them in air-tight display cases.

It is important not to store or display dolls for long periods of time wearing clothing and/or jewelry. Some earrings with metal posts can react with the vinyl and cause 'green ear' - a greenish discoloration of the vinyl that is almost impossible to remove completely. Sometimes vinyl can leach color from shoes, leaving doll feet permanently discolored. Certain dyes used to color dark fabrics may permanently discolor vinyl and/or resin dolls. It's best to undress a doll completely and remove all jewelry if possible, then wrap the doll individually in white tissue paper before applying other wrapping for storage. This will help prevent the doll from coming into contact with any colored surface that could potentially stain the doll. Some collectors use white cotton gloves to handle their prized dolls to prevent transfer of body oils to the doll's surfaces. While play dolls may not be of particular concern, expensive collector dolls deserve proper display and storage considerations to prevent unintentional ruin.

Aging of materials is sometimes unavoidable. Some vinyls may develop a 'sweat' or 'sheen' as the chemical composition deteriorates. Some synthetic material used for doll hair may become brittle and disintegrate after time. Certain fabrics may also deteriorate with age. Often these deteriorations are unavoidable, but taking care to properly manage storage and display environments can help alleviate the worst aging processes so your dolls enjoy a long and happy life.

CLEANING YOUR DOLLS: Most vinyl dolls can be washed with mild soap and luke-warm water. This will remove casual dust and dirt. 'A Thousand Splendid Dolls' on YouTube offers videos showing how to clean a typical vinyl doll. Always remove clothing and metal jewelry before getting your doll wet, to avoid any unintentional staining.

Washing and styling doll hair. Most dolls like playline Barbie by Mattel come with rooted hair. The synthetic material used for hair may vary from nylon, kankelon, saran, or a variety of other similar materials. Rarely is a doll rooted with real human hair, which may only happen if the doll has been customized. Saran is usually very smooth and shiny, and can be 'boil permed' to make it curly, or to straighten hair that's been curled. There are many videos on YouTube describing the process of washing and conditioning doll hair, plus various ways of styling doll hair, dying/coloring doll hair, rerooting dolls, or making wigs for dolls. Because there is so much information available, we only mention it here so you can start somewhere to research the process.

Treating dolls suffering from 'Glue Head'. Dolls with 'glue head' are particularly troublesome. A doll with 'glue head' generally has gummy or sticky hair that looks very oily. Not every doll will suffer from 'glue head' but generally dolls made by Mattel from 2010 onward may exhibit 'glue head' due to the type of glue used inside the doll's head to secure hair plugs during the factory rooting process. Over time the glue seeps out and gums up the hair. Exposing the doll's head to hot water can hasten this process and make 'glue head' even worse.

There are various ways to treat 'glue head' and many videos available on YouTube will show effective methods. Our personal favorite is to use an equal-parts mixture of acetate, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and tepid water to wash the doll's hair. Submerging the doll's hair and scalp (avoiding contact with face paint) and gently massaging the hair by hand can help remove the glue. Afterward rinse with clear tepid water and comb hair, then allow to dry. This process may have to be repeated until all the glue is removed from the hair.

Removing stains from dolls. Stains from ink pens, mold, fabric dye, etc. can be very difficult if not impossible to remove from a doll. If the face is stained, it's possible that attempted removal could damage the doll's face paint. Some doll collectors use acne cream that contains a mild bleach and other ingredients that sometimes help remove stains. Because there are so many possible methods of attempting to remove stains, we suggest you search YouTube for videos detailing the process. As always, there are possible risks involved, so keep that in mind.

Thanks for visiting. We welcome your business and want you to have a pleasant buying experience. Check back soon for new information, item listings, and more!