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FDF Dolls Website We launched our sales site fall 2017. It is a work in progress with some sections still under construction, but we ARE open for business and welcome new and returning customers! Your FeedbackFDF Dolls wants to hear from you. Email us with suggestions for improving this website. Strut Your Stuff Made something for your dolls that you're proud of? Email us pictures with a brief description and we'll post it on our upcoming Customer Fun Page or include it in a future newsletter! Coming Soon
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Welcome to FDF Dolls...

Sit back, relax, and take a look around... We offer an extensive selection of new and pre-owned one-sixth-scale (12") fashion dolls, action figures, clothing, and accessories. We also specialize in original and one-of-a-kind handcrafted creations. From beautiful gowns to unique casual furniture, there's sure to be something just right for your needs.

New item notification... We're continually adding more items for sale, so check our website often or subcribe to our email newsletter to be notified of new additions. CLICK HERE to subscribe. Our infrequent (no more than monthly) newsletters are short, sweet, and easy to unsubscribe at any time.

Discounts... We pride ourselves on offering some hard-to-find items at reasonable resale prices. For ease of shopping, we've grouped many items in mix-and-match categories, offering a 5% discount on accessories in each grouping. To showcase these special discount groupings, we've created various shopping categories that feature outfits or unique color-based collections. Also we routinely show coordinating add-on accessories with basic items, pairing them at a 5% discount off the regular price of the accessories. That means if we list a boa for sale with a gown, you get the boa at 5% off its regular list price. These are just a few of the many built-in features we've incorporated to make your shopping dollars go even further!

Thank you... We're glad you stopped by and hope you enjoyed your visit. Please visit again soon. If you have questions, check our FAQs page or email us if you can't find the answers you need. We'll be happy to respond to your email inquiry as soon as practical.